Peer Review History: Prevention and Management of Diabetes Mellitus and Its Complications by Unani Herbal Medicine – a Evidence Based Review


(1) Prof. Wagih Mommtaz Ghannam, Mansoura University, Egypt.

Approved by:

(1) Dr. Chan-Min Liu, School of Life Science, Xuzhou Normal University, PR China.


(1) Sreekala V, Regional Ayurvedic Research Institute, India.

(2) Dragomir Nela, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania.

(3) Vibha Dwivedi, National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, USA.

(4) Hany Youssef Hassan Hassanin, University of Sadat City, Egypt.

Additional Reviewers:

Additional Reviewers: (Comments received after deadline)

Peer Review History:

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Peer review report_2 (Dragomir Nela, Romania) | File 1 | NA

Peer review report_3 (Vibha Dwivedi, USA) | File 1 | NA

Peer review report_4 (Hany Youssef Hassan Hassanin, Egypt) | File 1 | File 2

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