Peer Review History: An Inventory on Traditional Home Remedies in Shirpur Taluka of Dhule District, Maharashtra, India


(1) Dr. Osama A. Saeed, University of Anbar, Iraq.

Approved by:

(1) Prof. Ibrahim O. Farah, College of Science, Engineering and Technology, Mississippi, USA.


(1) Abu Md Ashif Ikbal, Assam University, India.

(2) Arpit Gupta, DR. R.M.L Institute of Pharmacy, India

(3) M. Anilkumar, Union Christian College, India.

Additional Reviewers:

Additional Reviewers: (Comments received after deadline)

Peer Review History:

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Peer Review Report_2 (Arpit Gupta, India) | File 1 | NA

Peer Review Report_3 (M. Anilkumar, India) | File 1 | NA

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