Peer Review History: Hypoglycemic Effects of Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa)


(1) Dr. Angelo Mark P Walag, University of Science and Technology, Southern Philippines.

Approved by:

(1) Prof. Ibrahim O. Farah, Engineering and Technology, USA.


(1) Qudsia Begum, Bahria Medical and Dental College, Bahria University of Health Science Campus, Pakistan.

(2) Mohamed Joonus Aynul Fazmiya, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

(3) Sefi Mediha, Higher Institut of Biotechnology of Sidi Thabet, Tunisia.

Additional Reviewers:

Additional Reviewers: (Comments received after deadline)

Peer Review History:

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Peer review report_2 (Mohamed Joonus Aynul Fazmiya, Sri Lanka) | File 1 | NA

Peer review report_3 (Sefi Mediha, Tunisia) | File 1 | NA

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